About Us

Who are we?

Media Art Productions is a San Diego Video Production Company that also serves the Orange County & Los Angeles areas. We have more than 40 years of combined Broadcast experience in News and Production. We have been honored with multiple Emmy and Telly awards to back up our commitment to excellence in Video Production. Media Art Productions specialize in Website video production and advanced compression in Flash Video as well as Quicktime Video so your videos look great and will load fast. We can shoot in High Definition as well as Standard Definition for your project. Shooting in High Definition is a great choice for web site video because the larger files make for better quality videos when compressing them down for the Web. Want to learn more? Give us a call.

Are you from outside the San Diego area? No problem. We can help you. We are based here in San Diego and know the area very well. We also serve the surrounding areas as well as the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Lets us handle all your video production needs.

Thank you for visiting our Website. We look forward to working with you soon! -Media Art Productions Staff


Why should I hire a professional production company to help me when I can shoot and edit myself?
Many people try to shoot their own videos and this is fine for YouTube. However, if you are wanting a polished look to promote a product or company image, professional production is highly recommended. The truth is people can tell the difference between professional and “do-it-yourself” video. Audiences may not know what it is right away but there is always an extra "something" that catches their attention. Maybe it was that great soundtrack, eye popping effects, or beautiful photography. The production process can be stressful and frustrating when going at it on your own. We have the experience and the right equipment to achieve that quality "look" that may be the difference maker when attracting potential customers to your company or Website. Why mess around with your important image. Let us tell your story for you.
Why should I choose Media Art Productions over other video companies?
We realize there are many video companies in Southern California to choose from and we don’t take that fact lightly. We truly care about your image and achieving the look that you want. Our crews are professional, courteous and fun to work with. Our products are highly polished and produced to the highest standards. With our vast experience working with networks, broadcast production, and individual clients we know how to work in any situation and on any project. We put our name on the line with every project we are hired for and want you to be confident knowing that you are choosing to work with the best.
What factors are used when determining a production budget?
Many factors are considered when making a budget for your project. No two projects are ever the same and therefore will be priced differently based on what elements are required to accomplish the look you want. Some factors that may determine a difference in price are things like location, video formats required, special lighting needs, hiring of talent, permits or fees for shooting locations, travel, editing time and video graphics.
How long will my project take to finish?
Just like when determining the production cost, many factors will also determine the production length. Your project may be done in as little as a few days or as long as 8 weeks. We will go over these details with you when you contact us for your production quote.
When will I have my first chance to see my video?
The day of the shoot! We use professional HD monitors when shooting on location that you can use to view our work as it’s being shot. If you require it, we will be happy to provide “rough draft” copies of the edited video for you to review. These drafts will generally have minimal effects. Upon approval we will complete the polished look with all effects and graphics.
What if I don’t like my finished project?
We work hard to make this a rare case, however you will have the ability to make one revision to the finished project if there is something you wish to change. If multiple revisions are required, additional fees may be added to the final cost depending on the project type.
What is required to book Media Art Productions for a shoot?
If you would like to book us for your next shoot, a booking deposit of 25% of the total cost is required before shooting will begin. 25% of the total cost is required after shooting has been completed. The final balance will be due upon final completion, before the project will be handed over to the client. For projects less than $1500, 50% of the total cost is due before work will be started. We will go over all the details with you in your quote.
What video formats do you recommend for my Website?
We have the ability to compress any video to any format you require. We would be happy to help you choose the right format for your target audience, whether it be on a Windows computer or a Mac.